Me-Mover Deutschland by Dr. Daniel A. Opoku

Me-Mover Germany

Thielmann - The Container Company by Dr. Daniel A. Opoku

Thielmann – The Container Company

Readymade Furniture Cologne by Dr. Daniel A. Opoku

Readymade Furniture

Rachel & Carla: Modern dance by Dr. Daniel A. Opoku

Rachel & Carla

Köln City Church: Tiefgang - Diving into relationship by Dr. Daniel A. Opoku


Mysterium by Dr. Daniel A. Opoku


3 Jahre Köln City Church - Jubiläumsfotos by Dr. Daniel A. Opoku

Anniversary Köln City Church

Eventschmiede-Solingen by Dr. Daniel A. Opoku

Event Forge Solingen

DJAHÉ-Limun - Ingwerlimonade aus Köln by Dr. Daniel A. Opoku


Image-building photography for companies

How can customers be reached today with pictures? How can communicative goals be conveyed with images that clients understand? These and similar questions are dealt with in image-building photography. It translates messages into pictures. It also has an emotional element and is tailored to the needs of the target groups. A high level of creativity and a good understanding of the message to be conveyed form the core of image-building photography.

On this page you will find examples of image-building photography. The pictures are taken from commissioned, volunteer and freelance work. The selection of images shall illustrate that the emotional effect of an image can vary quite heavily depending on how they are designed. Behind each of the images shown above is a series of related shots. Enjoy your perusal. And thank you for your visit!

Dr. Daniel A. Opoku